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Need help getting your holiday marketing strategy up to speed?

Sign up for our upcoming workshop to learn which e-commerce trends will take off this festive season!

With AI predicted to drive $194 billion in online holiday sales in 2023 (Salesforce) and the growing need to find a balance between online and offline shopping experiences, the e-commerce market is in for some serious change. What can your brand do to not only keep up but also capitalize on this transformation? That’s what our marketing experts – led by Comarch’s Iva Tomczyk (Product Manager with extensive experience in E-commerce and integrations) and Michael Snyder (Senior Solutions Consultant for our Loyalty Products in North America) – will be exploring during our exclusive workshop. 

Join them to learn:

  • How are loyalty programs changing the e-commerce world?
  • Loyalty solutions to cater hybrid customer's needs by connecting online and offline retail
  • What are the benefits of loyalty programs in the e-commerce world?
  • How can the design and customization of the loyalty program can be done to fit a client’s brand's look and feel?
  • What types of loyalty programs work best in e-commerce? 

The seminar will be your chance to dive deeper into the world of e-commerce connectors such as Shopify and their correlation with customer loyalty. You'll learn more about the different tools and features that you can use to set up and manage your loyalty program. This applies to all built-in features, applications and integrations. 

Sign up for a hands-on approach to marketing this holiday season, and join us on December 12th, 4 p.m. CET !


  • Iva Tomczyk
    Iva Tomczyk Product Manager at Comarch
    Product Manager at Comarch with extensive experience in e-commerce and integrations. Focused on bringing the best Loyalty solutions to the Retail world by strategic thinking, prioritizing business and technical requirements and always staying up-to-date with the industry trends. She has cross-cultural experience working with various e-commerce platforms and has a customer-centric,result driven approach when it comes to developing products.
  • Michael Snyder
    Michael Snyder Senior Solution Consultant at Comarch
    Michael is Comarch’s Senior Solution Consultant for our Loyalty Products in North America. He is based out of NYC and has been with the company for 2 years. He assists clients & prospects understand the Comarch Loyalty Platform and how they can leverage it to meet their loyalty goals.

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